Was born in Los Angeles, California and is South Asian, half Telegu and Bengali. Pretty is currently signed to The Daniel Hoff Agency and has been in the entertainment industry for 9 years.

Having Grown up in a diverse community she quickly became active by participating in school actives, Martial Arts, Modeling & Music. Studying Karate Pretty earned her black belt in the style of Hapkido, trained for 18 years and teaches all ages.

With confidence and discipline she also pursued her interest into the world of the arts: Fashion, Photography, Dance, Writing, Editing, Acting, Performing, Styling, and Mentoring.

As of 2015 Pratima is officially working on her first ever solo EP! And in the last 5 years has creatively directed and assisted many projects, songs, photo shoots, galleries and fashion shows, runways and music videos, working with artist such as Snoop Dogg, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Kevin Hart, Christina Milian, The Chainsmokers, Method Man, Timothy DeLaGhetto, Blue Scholars and more. 

Her unique personal YouTube channel gives you a glimpse of all the action and some motivation to keep you smiling all the way. As a student of Communications and Media Arts, a tri-lingual mover and shaker, she continues to share her sound and spirit as she works her way to the top.


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Twitter / Instagram @PrettyBhamidi      

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